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Chandigarhwale Best Ielts Coaching In Chandigarh

Our aim at Chandigarhwale is prepare every student to achieve success in the IELTS Exam and left nothing to chance. Chandigarhwale is the top-notch IELTS coaching institution in Chandigarh having more than 7 years of experience in training students from different backgrounds who wants to improve their IELTS for the benefit of study, immigration, or employment. We keep reinventing and improving our coaching techniques according to the latest trend. Our expert and well-qualified faculty use regular practice tests, training material, tools, and technology to train you for the best rank. Our only vision is to fulfill your dream to study or migrate abroad. We move heaven and earth to turn your dream into reality.

Training Material

Our IELTS training course materials are exclusive, extensive and specially designed to help you to achieve success in IELTS. We cover all four parts of the examination with an emphasis on exam practice and exam strategy.

Hi-Tech Training

Our Excellent infrastructure, Unique and comprehensive IELTS program, Specially designed coaching material, Expert trainers with a proven success record, Personalized assistance help you to fetch you the right results.

Progress Tracking

We conduct mock test to track student's progress in all the modules. Our mock tests are designed according to the original exam standards. Then we work on strengthening the areas in which student is weak.

Our Services

Reading Skills

The Reading exam is designed to test the reading skills of candidate. It is a 60 minutes test consisting 40 questions. Here we help you to get the right reading skills and strategy to understand the text faster and better. We work rigorously to improve your vocabulary.

Listening Skills

In the Listening exam, candidates will listen to 4 recordings of native English speakers which will be played only once. It is a 30 minutes test consisting total 40 questions. Here we work on our listening power. Our experts will teach you how to concentrate on particular things.

Speaking Skills

The speaking exam is designed to test candidate’s spoken English. We work on your vocabulary, pronunciation, accent, spontaneous speaking skills, and overall confidence so that you confidently express yourself. We prepare you to give good answers based on cue cards.

Writing Skills

The writing exam is a 60 minutes test consisting 2 tasks. We prepare you for collating the thoughts and writing essays to explain and express your ideas and opinions in a clear and impressive way.

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